Our newest ARROJO Williamsburg & resident ARROJO Creative Team member, Kevin was interviewed by local NYC blogger, K Gorgeous. Kevin talks about his beginnings in hair, his journey with ARROJO & his newest home, ARROJO Williamsburg.
The below is reprinted from KGeorgeous.com. Click here to see the full version.
"Kevin Baker also known as "Mr. Keebles" on his Instagram account is a hair cutter/stylist and educator who specializes in 'American Hair waving'.  I've had my hair cut and styled by him a number of times at his base, Arrojo Salon and I've always been knocked off my feet by how great he is at tailoring the cut that you want to look amazing on you.  He is currently based at the new Arrojo Williamsburg.
K GORGEOUS: Tell us about your background in the industry
Kevin Baker: I am a born and raised Arrojo hair cutter/stylist. I began my career at our very own ARROJO Cosmetology School in SoHo where I studied and trained for 7 months in order to obtain my NY State license. Upon graduating, I immersed myself into the Arrojo Studio in-house apprenticeship training program which elevated my physical craft and knowledge of the industry to its fullest potential.
K GORGEOUS: What are some of the things you love about Arrojo Studio?
Kevin Baker: My favorite thing about working at ARROJO is the constant inspiration pulsing through its walls. We’re grounded in all areas of the hair industry including operating 3 salon spaces in NYC, 2 cosmetology schools in Manhattan offering premier education, 2 in demand product lines with over 400 ambassador salons across America and Canada who carry them, and a booming advanced education academy offering courses year round to licensed hair dressers.
We also are constantly on the road in salons across America and bringing education and inspiration through various independently hosted national events as well having a large presence at the big international trade shows. I can’t forget to mention the numerous in house photoshoots we put together yearly for our Arrojo collections, one of which always leads right up to our annual Expo event in October where we host 300 hairdressers for a weekend of education, inspiration, and networking. All in all, there’s never a dull moment happening at ARROJO.
K GORGEOUS: Tell us a bit about the new Arrojo W'burg
Kevin Baker: The Arrojo Williamsburg location is an incredibly designed studio space located in South Williamsburg at 11 Broadway. It’s lined with 16 foot high windows which make for endless natural light and just take a step outside into views of the East River skyline and Williamsburg Bridge, right next to the coolest new Brooklyn outdoor space, Domino Park. Arrojo Brooklyn makes for a cool, yet super relaxed experience with a team of talented, friendly and passionate stylists. We’re really trying to nestle in with the rest of the community here in Brooklyn and invite you to come say hey and get to know about us!
K GORGEOUS: What's your favorite thing about being a hairdresser?
Kevin Baker: My favorite thing about being a hairdresser relates back to the constant inspiration and involvement ARROJO has allowed me to have in the hair world. I get constant stimulation and am forever learning and growing in my craft both physically and mentally which keeps my career always moving forward.
K GORGEOUS:  What's one can't live without product that you can recommend?
Kevin Baker: The hair product I would recommend as a must-have to anybody would be the ARROJO Styling whip. It’s a great all around, one and done product that supports and moisturizes all hair types. Whether blow dry styled or scrunched in to air dry on the go, this product has all your needs covered. None of my clients have ever come back with a bad review so I stand strongly behind it!
K GORGEOUS: Give us one insider tip
Kevin Baker: My insider tip for today is for the individuals in need of beachy wave hot styling guidance. Make sure to use a curling wand or keep hot irons at a moderate temperature. Then when moving around the head make sure to alternate the direction you are wrapping the hair in order to keep hair natural looking and less glam. Just be sure to wrap the front pieces at the top of your head away from your face to keep hair from falling into it. Then the pieces underneath in your temple area can be wrapped toward the face to help enhance the beachier vibe.
Want to get to know Kevin better? Watch our IGTV segment Get To Know ARROJO, featuring Kevin. Or come visit him in Williamsburg for a cut! Call 212-242-7786 to book your appointment today.