With sponsorship and support from ARROJO, Intrigue Atlanta, our first flagship Ambassador Salon , hosted a “rock ‘N’ roll,” hairstyling master-jam in their Club Intrigue education event space, Monday, July 29.  
The jam session featured 20 models, styled by hairdressers from 20 different salons. Representing ARROJO, Nick Arrojo put forward his signature razor-cutting technique, while other Ambassadors ––  Cheveux Salon, Visions Salon, Shearious Salon, A La Mode Salon, Studio Red Salon –– also joined Intrigue on stage. 
The high-octane and animated event was proof of the creative energy and inspiration that can be found when you put hairdressers together with no limits, other than their mind’s eye. The diversity of the stylists and their presentations speaks of the open, inclusive environment created at Club Intrigue.  
You can see more of the images below! 
And after the super successful master jam appearance, Nick returns to Intrigue Atlanta for two education events, Monday, August 19th. 
At Club Intrigue’s Razor Boot Camp Class (from 10 till 4pm), Nick, the world’s leading razor-cutting pioneer, will facilitate the final two hours of the session alongside Gerard Scapaci, another modern master of the craft. A special opportunity to get first hand education and inspiration from experts of the straightedge blade, you can get all booking info, here
Then, after a short break, Nick returns to the Club Intrigue stage to facilitate an Atlanta edition of the renowned Happy Mondays event. It’s free to attend. To sign up, click here.
Want to know more about becoming an ARROJO Ambassador? Please call 212.2427786 ext 216. Or email: proapply@arrojonyc.com.