ARROJO Underground Show Report

Underground is a compelling, inspirational event staged annually by ARROJO. By using hair as the focal point for creating a complete image, Underground is a prism to see the latest concepts coming from our world-class team in a series of fast-paced runway presentations. Held in our studio on December 2, this year’s show features everyone from salon apprentices to world-renowned master stylists presenting trends and techniques that push the envelope of the hairdressing art. 


A tone set in the first presentation. Led by master stylists, Lina Arrojo and Amanda Jenkins, with color support from Inva Cela and Barton Miller, the collection uses a newly invented combination of triangular and round cutting techniques to create shapes that blend space and texture with disconnection, movement and fluidity. These are cool and creative wash and wear styles for fashionable girls about town. 


Many other showings also impress. Aziza Rasulova, a salon apprentice not long out of beauty school, wowed the crowd with an intricate basket weave that borders on embroidery. Our team of cosmetology educators use strong geometric lines and vivid single process colors to show how fundamental techniques are tackled with artistry as well as precision. 


Other originals include a graphic example of a sexed up biker chick. Enthusiastic riders, Tabitha Baker and Tim Duenas, partner to engender a cut, color, and style as contemporary as it is classic. Using a center-parted layer shape with shimmering graduation of color, it is a bold and rich and seventies-inspired interpretation of style on the open road –– with twenty-first century skid marks. 


Crossing genders, contrasting colors, admixing sparkles; using antlers, pin curls and swirls; and an elegant graduated bob with the effervescent swoosh of natural texture are more highlights of an amazing night. 


As the crowd shuffles out, one thought remains: The sense of the growth of Underground, the sense of the growth of ARROJO. When the inaugural show took place in 2003, it was a way for a salon of brilliant hairdressers to try to make a positive impact on the craft. Now the salon is a brand, and Underground is a symbol of so much more. 


It is a symbol of the commitment to inspirational, career-shaping edification. It stimulates the fashion industry to look to hairdressers for creative spark. Free to attend, it is emblematic of our openness and inclusivity. No stylist paid for their work, it is a parable of the passion of artists. With over 200 in attendance, it allegorizes the respect and influence ARROJO has amongst its peers. And by espousing the virtues of out of the box thinking, it signs an auspicious future for hair, fashion and style.