ARROJO Styles all the Hair at Lingerie Fashion Week

Metropolitan Pavilion, NYC, August 1-3. Lingerie Fashion Week, the first Fashion Week exclusively dedicated to intimates, follows up its February debut with their Spring/Summer 2014 show.  And with a team of ARROJO stylists shaping all the hairstyles, each slinky outfit  is complemented with beautiful, trend-conscious hair... 
Ranging from emerging and established brands to celebrity labels, each runway presentation is a sleek, sophisticated, and exciting closeup look at apparel from the vanguard of lingerie fashions. 
Show highlights include Bradelis’ bra-and-panty sets that are engineered to maximize décolletage and contour the hips while using deeply feminine patterns and lace. To match the aesthetic, our stylists create long, tumbling hairstyles with romantic tousle and flow. 
For the anticipated Secrets in Lace, Bettie Page Lingerie & Stockings and Dita Von Teese Stockings presentation, retro-inspired lingerie & stockings find their perfect match in ARROJO-designed hairstyles that offer the vintage feeling of the 1950s. 
Over three high-octane days, other memorable moments come from Affinitas & Parfait’s dreamy, poetic take on the neo-romantic; Noe Undergarments’ signature mix of quaint and raw, masculine and feminine, soft and rough; and Rococo Dessous’ scintillating 24 karat gold lingerie (the first of its kind).  
Throughout all this, morning till night, backstage, the masterminds of the hair team worked tirelessly to create fashion-forward hairstyles that matched each designers’ aesthetic. Showing everything from dramatic sleeked back looks to luxurious updos to modern multi-textured styles, the cheeky alternative to September’s New York Fashion Week was made all the better thanks to ARROJO picking up the blow-dryer and the brush.