“Rehab” has many connotations. We look at it like this: When an injury occurs to a top athlete, they suffer a setback and must go to rehab to get back on track. As the LeBron James or Serena Williams of your salon, maybe it’s a walk out, competition from independent suites, or a surprise increase in operating costs that affects your businesses health and performance. In this Business Rehab session, we examine what gets injured in the salon, develop a treatment plan, and work on getting you back in championship condition. 
Each Business Rehab segment features an expert speaker delivering a 30 minute presentation. 
Does your “client experience” need rehabbing? What makes a great experience? Industry veteran and ARROJO Sales Director Frank Peixoto homes in on the key principles of upgrading the salon experience so that clients walk out of the door with swagger, style and confidence –– and tells their friends all about it.  
With booth rental perceived by many stylists as the dream ticket to freedom and success, it’s time to relook at compensation. ARROJO General Manager Nuala Guildea highlights creative ways to rehab your compensation program while putting stylists on an autonomous path that maintains a positive influence on your business and brand. 
The paradigm of being an assistant for two years doesn’t work for anyone anymore, neither trainee nor owner. ARROJO Education Director Carmel Lawless lays down the law on a modern approach to in-salon training programs, one that rewards hard work and commitment to the cause with career-shaping education and mentoring, and a faster route to the salon floor. 
How often do you update your service menu? Rehabbing your services to create a point of difference is a great way to build core strength. In this session, Karen Gordon, owner of J. Gordon Designs Chicago, Executive Board of Directors of Cosmetologists Chicago/America’s Beauty Show, uses her vast experience to highlight how to attract new clients and increase revenue as times change and trends evolve. 
B. Franklin’s adage, "Failing to plan is planning to fail," comes into sharp focus as Nick Arrojo is joined by multi-award-winning salon owner, Edda Coscioni. In this session two titans of business and craft map a future filled with inspiration, reward and success for salon owners who embrace the future of hairdressing. 
We end Business Rehab with a question and answer session featuring all speakers. Audience members are encouraged to chime in, offering the unique insights of their own experiences as we facilitate an open and inclusive forum that helps one and all become stronger, healthier, faster and fitter champions of industry.
Business Rehab Success Symposium 
@ARROJO Tribeca
Monday, Oct. 15 10am-4pm.