Dynamic. Elemental. Timeless. Three-day seminar. Relearn and master classic scissor cutting as applied to the traditional shapes of hairdressing. Establish precise technique. Build your creative repertoire.
Enterprising. Fundamental. Lasting. Three-day seminar. Explore classic scissor cutting technique, applied to geometric yet organic shapes. Increase control, flexibility, style; improve all cuts from the most simple to the most dynamic.
Elementary 2-day introduction into classic cutting for men. Covers short, mid-length and long styles. Refreshing. Pro-active. Original. Advance your skill-set.
Definitive. Reinvented. Sharp. Two-day seminar. Focus on the evolution of scissor-cutting. Gain an intuitive understanding of shape, function, form. Put new trends and techniques in your locker.
Insightful. Striking. Smart. Two-day seminar. Discover the technical and creative scope of precision razor-cutting and make it a feature in your own work. Unlock the freedom of the straight-edge blade. Take creativity to the next level.
Duel. Explorative. Skillful. Three-day seminar. Revisit fundamentals. Fast-track to advanced ideas. Practice total creative freedom. Reinvent the rulebook. Empower your imagination.
Sophisticated. Progressive. Bold. Three-day seminar. Grasp advanced razor-cutting techniques, developed and practiced at ARROJO. Bring weightlessness, swing and movement, and creative versatility to your own razor-work.
5-day catalyst to expert razor cutting. Stirs the imagination, builds artistry. Go from fundamentals to advanced to trend. Be a certified razor master. Elegant. Discerning. Perceptive.
Creative. Trendsetting. Current. Two-day seminar. Explore the latest theories, trends, and techniques in modern scissor and razor cutting. Find insight and ideas in this flair-filled class. Focus on creation.
Fashion-forward. Artistic. Enterprising. Two-day seminar. Make color placement intrinsic to the shape and style of each cut. Practice the latest trends and techniques in cut and color. Be a versatile master of your craft.
A new salon service to put permanent volume, texture, curls and beach waves into any hair style. Empowering 1 day seminar. Trailblazing. Pioneering. Cool.
Fashion-forward 2-day color seminar going to the heart of the new vanguard. An immersive, inspirational introduction to hair painting. Inventive. Visionary. Imaginative.
Avant-garde. Pioneering Visionary. Two-day seminar. Learn the art of editorial updos and extensions. Bag the creative know-how of our team. Use product and tools to their best advantage. Improve your editorial portfolio.
Evocative 2-day seminar. Goes to the heart of commercial styling. Makes styling tools and products your best friends. Get new skills to offer to clients. Indicative. Demonstrative. Revealing.
Learn diverse applications of the straightedge blade. In your home town. From the pioneer of the tool.
One-day look into the art of successful retailing. Master the retail training wheel. Put more returns and referrals on the books. Take home the soft skills of the craft.
Inspirational. Confidence-building. Career-shaping. Four-week seminar. Watch and learn, practice and master, contemporary techniques in scissor and razor cutting, color, styling, and business-building. Go from good to great, potential to realization.