Barbetorium is a fusion hair studio in Rochester, New York. Owned by Jes Sutton, they are renowned collective of barbers and hairdressers who focus on men and women's hair while sharing a common purpose and passion for the craft and the looks they create for their clients. Jes has a strong connection to ARROJO –– he’s attended many of our seminars and Expos and was even at the party when we first launched ARROJO Product. After recently aligning with our Ambassador Program to carry our products at Barbetorium, we caught up with Jes to learn more about his thriving business. 
Jes, Tell Us a Little About Barbetorium 
We’ve been in business since 2001. It’s been an evolution of learning and growing. I started as a booth renter. I listened to my clients and I heard them telling me what they wanted. I knew I could create the atmosphere they needed, so I opened my own shop, Fusion Salon. I had a vision, but didn’t really know how to execute it. But I kept at it. I took business classes. I continued to educate myself. I learned. By 2011 I realized the men’s industry was booming and I had a passion for men’s grooming so I went back to Barbering School and Fusion Salon became Barbetorium. We have three members of staff; it’s a boutique yet burgeoning business. 
What has been your greatest achievement in business?
Moving into a new space to create and open Barbetorium. My passions are education, photo shoots, and working with clients; the old space never allowed us to really focus on those things in the way we wanted. When we found our current space, we knew right away it would allow us to focus on our clients, education and photographic creations. We can now hold education classes for our clients, and for professionals. We have a great time doing photo-shoots with all the natural light and high ceilings. We’ve even had photographers rent out the space for their own projects. Funnily enough, when I first saw the finished design of Barbetorium, I thought about ARROJO and how the clean, minimal and functional design of our new space was perfectly suited to the aesthetic of Nick’s brand. We have a creative and inspiring space to serve women and men and I’m very proud of that achievement. 
What made you want to become an ARROJO Ambassador Salon and how is the program working for you and your clients?
I’ve had a connection to ARROJO and what Nick has done for more than twelve years. I’ve attended many ARROJO seminars and Expos and came into the city for the launch party for ARROJO product, so I feel immersed in the culture. The benefits of the program are incentivizing us to continue to learn and grow and that’s exciting. I love the product line because it works just as well for men as it does for women. I’ve been enjoying introducing our clientele to it and the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. 
To you, what is the main point of difference of the ARROJO Ambassador Program? 
The one thing that drew me to ARROJO so many years ago was Nick's attention to the Professional. Over the years I’ve seen many stylists undervalue themselves, thinking their clients will never pay full price for a hair cut, color, or professional product. Nick’s message is just the opposite ––  clients will pay top dollar for your craftsmanship and creativity because what we can do as stylists makes people look and feel a million times better, and that has intrinsic value. 
ARROJO recognizes that employing the highest possible standards of professionalism is the best way to elevate the perception of the hairdressing craft. That’s a message we fully support and get behind. 
If you live, work, or travel though Rochester, New York, we highly recommend Barbetorium for all your hair care services. Visit their Website, here.