1. Disheveled Edge
  2. Tri-Plex
  3. Upper Cut
Trend Volume 6 DVD
Highlighting contemporary trends and techniques from ARROJO master stylists, Trend Volume 6 features the coolest cuts and latest looks in scissor and razor cutting. 
In three creative cuts, this DVD examines the art of asymmetry, and the dexterity of disconnection. With examples displaying advanced, inspirational, and newly invented techniques from ARROJO’s master team, beautiful, fashionable styles are portrayed on all textures and lengths of hair, from short and curly to long and fine and straight.
Disheveled Edge

A technical razor cut, this long layer uses off-center horseshoes and internal layering to create a textured outline and interior structure. With beautiful asymmetry, it offers length and weight at the top of one side, offset by length and weight at the bottom of the other side. A salon-friendly style, and easy to customize. Presented by Lina Arrojo.


A mid-length razor cut on textured hair, Tri-Plex uses internal disconnection, external, short to long layering, and a sharp fringe to create three levels within the shape. This produces a progressive, lived-in look with elegant movement and motion. Great for clients who want to stay on the vanguard of fashion-forward styles. Presented by Amanda Jenkins.

Upper Cut

This mid-length style combines strength and softness. Using scissor over comb, graduation and layering for architectural shape, and razor-cutting to remove weight, it brings extreme asymmetry with a veil of disconnection. Finished with a unique weave-crimping technique that adds texture to structure, this style is great for taking hair away from the face. Presented by Gerard Scarpaci