1. Creating Space
  2. Creating Texture
  3. The Panel Cut
Razor Texture DVD

Razor Texture is a first-rate educational tool for learning to cut curly hair, the right way, with a razor. The DVD demonstrations focus on enhancing natural texture, creating space for the curls to move, and successfully panel cutting curly hair. With insights and inspiration from ARROJO razor masters, conquer razor curl cutting and make it a feature of your own work.

Creating Space

Learn a center-concave that eliminates unwanted weight; master techniques to create extra space within the cut; and see how diagonal sectioning and consistent cutting adds balance and versatility to curly hairstyles. Presented by Amanda Jenkins.

Creating Texture

Learn to create elevation in a gently graduated shape. Understand the tipping technique. See how an open blade and vertical cutting lets you maximize the potential of wave and curl patterns. Presented by Lina Arrojo.

The Panel Cut

Learn the technique for successful internal layering; practice the method to razor cut each of the seven panel sections for freedom and movement; and master creating fluidity within a clean-cut line. Presented by Nick Arrojo.