1. Natural Highlight
  2. Red Cover Grey
  3. Single Process Brown
Color Fundamentals DVD

ARROJO Color Fundamentals on DVD features insights and inspirations from ARROJO master colorists. This is Part One of a Three Part Series of ARROJO color DVDs that encompasses the techniques taught on the salon-floor color apprentice training program at the world-revered ARROJO studio, NYC. These skills are the basis of strong technique and creative versatility. It is a unique collection offering you the inside track on the ARROJO approach to modern and creative, precision-based hair coloring. ARROJO color education teaches increased versatility and a contemporary, client-friendly approach for perfect style and authentic color.

Natural Highlight

Using classic highlighting patterns, use this technique to give clients a soft and natural, sun-kissed look. Presented by James Edick.

Red Cover Grey

For clients that want to retain youthfulness and a fashion-forward edge, use this technique to create intense vibrancy in hues of red. Presented by Rudy Villalobos.

Single Process Brown

Learn to take neat, precise and clean sections for dynamic all over coverage in solid and rich tones. Presented by Kelly Wright.