Eight years ago an idea to share creative inspiration, new trends and techniques, forecasts for future hairstyles was the genesis of ARROJO Underground. As it evolved, Underground became a symbol of many of the things we believe in: providing our hairdressers a platform for creative expression; being open, inclusive, inspired; and sharing our work with the wider world of fashion. 
By using hair as the focal point for creating a complete image, Underground shows the latest concepts coming from our world-class team in a series of facts-paced runway presentations. Held at ARROJO studio, this year’s show features sixteen different collections, with everyone from salon apprentices to world-renowned master stylists presenting.
To a standing room only crowd of media, clients, peers, and ARROJO Ambassador Salon owners and staff, the first presentation set the tone. By ARROJO master stylists, Lina Arrojo and Gerard Scarpaci, with support from salon apprentice, Erin Schultz, this is Off-Center. By taking classic partings of hairdressing, and putting them slightly off-center, the collection features short styles of similar ilk, made to look unique by the versatility of the shapes and textures. The importance of styling is also noted, as Gerard and Lina use the new ARROJO pomade to create polish and slip, with refractive shine.
It is one of many highlights. From symbols of fire to flowing locks in billowing blonde, James Edick and Amanda Jenkins, in reverence to Thanksgiving, put modern creative hairstyles together with American Indian inspiration in Nomadica. Touching on all elements of a hairdresser’s work –– cutting, coloring, styling –– the collection uses hair like fabric in a stunning example of out of the box thinking.
If the emerging theme for the night is a wave of modern multi-textured styles, the personification proves a Riot. Presented by Rudy, Topher, and salon apprentice, Renee Halderman, Riot features one model inspired by the era of punk. Using advanced setting and braiding techniques, the team creates a sexy, bold, creative, big and curly shape. It is a swashbuckling example of the timeless beauty and grace of texturized hair, when styled to swing and to move.
Perhaps the other great highlight is seeing the work of so many former ARROJO Cosmetology School students live on stage. Hats off, Huich, Renee, McKenna, Amber, Nora, Tina, Grace, Olivia, Mary, Kashi, and Dillion. Now at various stages of our salon apprentice training program, these School Graduates showed work illustrating what happens when talent, hard graft, and inspirational, career-shaping education is combined with a platform for creative skills to shine.
Photography: David Ducane