Refinish dry shampoo is one of our new hero products. “We knew dry shampoo was back in fashion,” says brand owner and industry leader, Nick Arrojo. “We worked on taking it a step further. ReFinish cleans hair without water, soaks up excess oils and buildup, but it also works as a modern texturizing spray. I use it at shows, seminars, and in the salon because it adds wow-factor texture and volume to any style. It also gives that gritty, lived-in finish that everybody loves.” 
Key ingredients include Aloe Vera –– a moisturizing emollient that softens and soothes.  Ginger –– to stimulate the scalp, add sheen. And Wheat Proteins –– to strengthen and nourish hair strands. 
Some of the benefits include: 
  • A great time saver as it allows you to go extra days between blow-dries and hot-tool styling. 
  • Less heat-styling also leads to less damage and fewer split ends. 
  • Reduction of wet shampooing leaves more natural oils in hair, which helps it look shinier. 
  • As dry cleaning your clothes stops bright colors from fading, dry shampooing extends the life of applied hair colors, which means less trips to the salon, and money saved. 
  • The oomph of instant texture and volume adds body and life to any style. 
  • Our dry shampoo in completely invisible –– no white powder marks! 
For best results, pulse into hair in short bursts and use fingers to shake and tousle to create texture and volume. Use day or night, for change ups or touch ups, after work, pre-party, travel days and maydays for gorgeous on the go, miracle style rescue. 
Available at ARROJO studio, our online store, and at ARROJO Ambassador Salons nationwide.