The latest in a new family of ARROJO products designed to elevate different types of curl, Curl Definer is a liquid gel that adds strength and structure, hold and definition to really curly hair. Features frizz-fighting humidity defense, leaves curls soft and flouncy, not hard and crispy. Great for wavy and curly hair, especially in humid summer weather. 
Key Ingredients:
Kiwi Fruit Extract: Moisture-Rich. Adds Shine, Strength
Matricaria Flower Extract: Protects and Conditions Hair
Henna Leaf Extract: Anti-Oxidizing
Directions: Apply to damp hair. Comb through for even distribution. Gently cup, squeeze, and scrunch curls individually until hair is dry, and curls are perfectly formed. 
Product Tips: To give strong curls the most volume while keeping them shapely, apply curl definer to damp hair and diffuse.  
Price: $19.00 (5.1 FL OZ) 
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